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Happy 2017 Bloggers!!

meSo very sorry that it’s been so long since I’ve done an update. Life took its hold on me again. I just got caught up in the drama I suppose.

Anyways… I want to let you all know that I am already on my 5th book this year!! I guess I’ve just been inhaling them without a problem. That is what it looks like but I am sad to inform all of you that I’ve actually been stuck in a bit of a reading rut.

This past Christmas was hard for me. I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal issues that I wish not to go into great depths on the details right now. Maybe, sometime in the future I will be willing to share more into that.

2017 is going to be my year and one of the best years I’ve had in the longest time. To Start off 2017, I am proud to announce that I have Graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice.

HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been working so hard, and long to finish my degree. Well, I guess just 5 years, but that’s still pretty long. So many bumps and roadblocks along the way but I managed to get there.

BOOK 1 of 2017: 

The first book that I read this year was “The Woman in cabin 10” by Ruth Ware. I have to admit I had a very hard time getting into it. Yes, the huge plot twist caught me off guard but I just felt bored until then. 

BOOK 2 of 2017:

The second book that I read was, “The Shack” by w. Paul Young. I admit I’m not that religious but this book did help me get through some of the sadness that I’ve kept bottled up inside. I cried when Missy went missing, and when she was later found. I have a daughter around her age so it hit me hard thinking that this could happen. 

BOOK 3 of 2017:

The Initiation by L.J. Smith. I went through this book so fast it’s not even funny. I was so pulled into this book because I have already seen the television show on it. Yes, in comparing the book vs. tv they are completely different. I don’t feel I got to spend enough time with the characters enough yet to get to know them well enough, well except Cassie since she’s narrator. 

BOOK 4 of 2017:

The 4th book that I’ve finished is “Snow Like Ashes” by Sara Raash. Again, I felt like the beginning was slow, but I feel that was only because of my reading rut. I was instantly pulled into this book. I had no idea what this series was about I just saw it and it screamed at me “READ ME!!” I love how it is so similar to The Game of Thrones but then again it’s not. It’s its own different story, characters, and battles. I love that each kingdom was separated by a season of sorts or the Rythm. It was a very good different. 

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Here I Am!!

So my family and I recently made this extreme decision to move almost 2 hours from the area we have made our home for the last 8 years and moved back to the area from where we grew up in. It’s just about 30 minutes from our childhood homes, but it’s in the area where the rest of our family resides. Also, WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!

It’s a very exciting time for us and we’re anxious to start this new adventure. I will be home with the kids the majority of the time, but I’m excited. The girls already love the yard and space we have. They even made a neighbor friend. My plan is to write more in my blog. Of course it needs a lot of work. 😛 

I plan to catch up on my reading list and my book reviews. I can’t wait to start doing what I love. I also plan to increase the activity on my Instagram account and reply to all my followers as best as I can. So please feel free to send me a private message.

Yours Truly,



Valentine’s Day

A little about this Valentines Day:

Last night I was helping my oldest daughter, Sophia with her Valentines Day cards for her school. I just have to brag about how my daughter made me so proud. She informed me there is one teacher, she couldn’t remember her name, but she really wanted to give her a Valentine. I asked what this teacher did so then I would know where to look. With no hesitation, she told me that she is a Librarian and she always helps her find the right books to read, especially since she had just learned how this year.

I am beyond proud of this little girl. One of my favorite teachers in high school was Mrs. Ashworth, and she was the librarian. She taught me how to preserve books and fix them up as they were new again.

How I plan to spend my Valentine’s Day:

This year I plan on working for Valentines Day. But the best part of Valentines Day now as a parent is helping make the valentines with my daughter and making delicious treats for ourselves and her class, that’s if they’re lucky and they’re some left for us to share.

I really haven’t done anything exciting for Valentines Day for about 7 years now. The last exciting Valentine’s Day I had would be 7 years ago, and I was preparing for my wedding. It wasn’t on Valentine’s Day, a few days later actually. But I felt it no better time to get married. All the Valentines decor and candies would be on sale, so then I would get TWICE as much for my anniversary.  

….well, that’s really what I thought…It didn’t happen that way though…

I’m really hoping this year it would be different and I get even if its a bag of chocolates or something. But if my husband doesn’t spoil me, I have two little girls that will. They would also expect some reward for spoiling mommy as well, from which I would happily share with.


No Snooze Button

Having young children 5 and under is like having an alarm clock with no snooze button. No matter what you do they keep going, and going, and going. I wonder most days where my children get so much energy. I do envy them for having so much energy with so little effort needed to obtain it. Where for me, I need two cups of coffee, and a Monster just to get through a night of homework and a days work. UGH.

They don’t even need naps to recharge their little energy balls. They just keep going and going. I need at least a 6 hour nap, just so I can function. My sleeping skills suck, big time.


Let me back up…

Hi, I’m Tanya. I’m 23 years old and I’m from one of the coldest areas of Wisconsin. I have two children, both girls. Sophia is turning 6 and Aubriella is 3. My life revolves around them. Everything I do is for them. I want them to have everything I couldn’t have. No, I’m not speaking of just materialistic items like toys, and nice clothes. I do get them nice clothes and amazing toys. But I’m talking about LOVE. Yes, LOVE. Growing up, LOVE was unattainable for me. My father was always away working and my mother was just focused on pleasing herself and doing whatever made her happy. I want my children to know that I LOVE them and will do anything for them. Which is why I’m a full time mom, a full time student, I have a full time job which I LOVE working at because they understand me and my situations. NO, I’m not telling you where either. I don’t need everyone trying to contact me at my work. lol..

I haven’t been posting much because I am afraid of everyone knowing who I truly am and letting everyone know my personal information. (there’s too many creeps out there)

I share my love of reading with my daughters. Sophia just learned how to read and she is just growing with the love for it just like her momma. I have 2 dogs, a cat, 2 red ear slider turtles and a betta fish..OH!! and a husband. My house tends to be going in 50 different directions at once all hours of the day.





Well post a comment, follow, and lets see where this journey takes us.

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First Book of 2016

So I finally finished my first book of the year. In all honesty, I’m disappointed in myself that it took this long for me to complete my first book this year.


Sapphire Blue

By Kerstin Gier

I fell absolutely in love with Ruby Red that I just had to get the rest of the series. Sapphire Blue is the book that I just recently finished and I felt was filled with information and mostly made to fill in the blanks. Even with it being that, I still loved it.


Gwen, is just like the typical teenage girl until her life is magically turned upside down after a secret her mother kept from her and the entire family is revealed. She is an extraordinary girl who can talk to ghosts and demons, oh and can also travel back in time, with her companion Gideon all due to a magical aspect of her DNA, which makes her the Ruby.

Gwen’s cousin Charlotte was suppose to be the one who inherited the gift of time travel, and once it is discovered that she wasn’t the special one she became Gwen’s enemy, like most jealous cousins often become. (Or at least from what I’ve experienced)

Charlotte acts like they stereotypical teenage girl that acts as if the world revolves around her. I wouldn’t doubt it if she turns out to be one of the persons to turn on Gwen.

Gideon, at first acts like a charming older man, who knows that he can get all the woman to swoon over him. There are some parts where I, (yes I admit it) find myself believing I’m a teenage girl again falling for his stupid, extraordinary charm. (drools a little)

Anyways, ahem…

There is an entire head quarters built on a mission that was formed by a dangerous and evil Count (who’s intentions I’m not yet sure of)

Gideon and Gwen’s mission is to collect all the blood from her past relative who also carry the time travel gene and read it into the machine that helps them travel to specific dates. It is believed by the ‘Evil’ Count that when everyone’s’ blood has been read the cure for all diseases would be functional. (but I don’t believe he’s all for saving the sick)

The first machine was stolen by their Aunt and Uncle, and threw the entire mission off track and that is where Gideon and Gwen are used as their little toys in this mission. But ever since it was discovered that Gwen has the time travel gene and not Charlotte, everyone acts as if it is Gwen’s fault she is uneducated and ill-prepared for her journeys.

Gwen doesn’t understand why everyone treats her as if she is the enemy for the actions that her mom had done in the past. (her mom helped her Aunt and Gideon’s uncle escape with the first machine) and then her mother lied about the date from which Gwen was born on.

As the story grows on, Gideon and Gwen find a spark. Even though they are polar opposite they have found each other in this mess, which soon gets messier. I cannot wait.


                                   Hope you all enjoyed reading my blog!!






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The Selection Series (Review)

I recently read the first three books of the Selection series. Let me say that the last book was a HUGE disappointment. I mean this series had an enormous amount of potential. I could see the series being made into something big, like close to Harry Potter big. BUT…the story just drops. Happily ever after, thee end type of deal. The last two books are about Maxon and America’s children taking over?? That is too far into the future for me. What happened in the middle there. You know, the whole getting the whole “ruling the country” thing down and exploring themselves as husband and wife, along with any other possible adventures that they could have potentially had???


The entire jump ruined the series for me.

I may end up reading the other books, but nope, not happening for the longest time.


I loved how spicy and up front America was in the beginning. I would have loved there to be more depth about each character and history. So much potential lost…

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Outlander Series

OUTLANDER By Author Diana Gabaldon


I recently got acquainted with a new series due to it being highly recommended by one of my very close friends. I AM A TERRIBLE PERSON!! I started binge watching the series before starting the book…OOPS!!

Well, being a terrible person, I did finish the tv series. It was amazing!!. I was so blown away by it. My favorite part about it was Jamie Fraser. No, really he’s gorgeous. He’s the type of man that ruins standards for all those average guys in the world. The first episode took me 2-3 tries before I actually understood it and wanted to continue watching it.

Watching the tv show or even the movie before reading the book is how I find the books I’m interested in. Yes…weird…I know.

BUT…I want to really talk about the book in this blog post.

I just finished the first book a few days ago. I really didn’t think it could top how much I loved the tv series, but it succeeded and in love I am.

One of my very best friends was already on book 2, Dragonfly in Amber, so being me I made a little bet. The bet being that I can catch up to her within just a few weeks. And I am now caught up.

Well…back to Outlander. I first didn’t like Claire’s character. Too proper, stuck up, up tight is the feel I got from her. I am a little puzzled on how she fell so fast in love with Jamie AFTER getting married to him, but then I think…Once you realize you’re in love, you fall pretty hard really fast. The love story in any book is what gets me hooked. Jamie is the type of guy everyone wants to marry, even I want to marry him, but he’s just a character in a book. 😦

Jamie truly shows how much he loves Claire through all of the events they experience together. He was very understanding when he told him everything about herself. Where she came from, how she got there, all the things the future held.

Dougal MacKenzie is one of those characters that their motives seem difficult to understand. At the end, when Dougal tries to convince Claire to just leave Jamie to be hung instead of saving him really, ERRR, upset me. It really puts a perspective on how men truly thought in those times. All that were important was how to move up in the world, money, lands, power. Woman were only looked at as property and not equals.

Another thing that I realized, there is A LOT that happens in this book. A witch trial, attempted rape, murder, imprisonment (quite a few times), a few births, marriage. I thought it was very different from all the other books that I have read that usually carry on, and on, and on with the same things. It irritated me at first with how fast it seemed to be going, but it actually isn’t going that fast. It’s a decent pace that keeps the readers intrigued into the story. I am a little worried that the other books wont be as intriguing as the first one.